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Vocabulary about the hydrosphere: fresh water and salt water

Hydrosphere: hidrosferaWater cycle: ciclo del agua:Surface water: agua superficialGroundwater: agua subterráneaSalt water and fresh water: agua salada y agua dulceScarce: escaso/aBeneath: debajoSalinity: salinidadOcean currents: corrientes oceánicas o marinasTides: mareasWaves: olasRiver: ríoFlow: caudal Lake: lagoFrozen: congelado/aShallow: superficialSurround: rodear

Quizs about relief, seas, rivers... (Flash player required)

Let's play and learn geography:
 To start, something easy: continents and oceans

Mountain ranges of the world 
Seas of the world
Rivers and lakes